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Look again! The 'hyper-realistic' paintings that fool the eye

 into believing they are photographs

With their sharp lines, clear colours and distinct shapes, these images 

look like the work of a gifted photographer

But look closer - a lot closer - and you might do a double-take.

Because these are actually oil paintings by Spanish fine artist

 Pedro Campos.

Amazing Hyper-Realistic Paintings

Long legs! The attention to detail on this painting - from the curve of the legs to the shadow

 on the wall, is breathtaking

Amazing Hyper-Realistic Paintings

Incredible: Everything from the reflection of the tin to the crumpled bag makes this picture

 worth studying in depth

Amazing Hyper-Realistic Paintings

Good enough to eat! The meticulous attention to detail makes this clear bag of fruit look 

like it's a photographic image

Amazing Hyper-Realistic Paintings

This sweetie jar is a treat for the eyes and looks so real it could be a treat for the tastebuds

Mr Campos makes his stunning 'hyperealistic' creations using just a canvas, oil paint and 

paint brushes.

And the outstanding results has galleries and the public left reeling with astonishment.

Concentrating on every day subjects, the artist's bright pieces are striking, glossy and have

 a sharp attention to detail.

Mr Campos' attention to the tiniest of details - from the curve of an ankle, to the shadow on a wall

 to the shine of a plastic bag, gives his creations a truly magical, realistic effect.

Amazing Hyper-Realistic Paintings

Mind and eye-boggling: Mr Campos even manages to capture even the soft shine

 of the strawberries, right down to the soft folds of the plastic bag

Amazing Hyper-Realistic Paintings

The shading on all of the parts and the metallic finish of the chrome components

 are unbelievably good

Amazing Hyper-Realistic Paintings

How does he do it?! The Madrid-based artist used to decorate nightclubs

Amazing Hyper-Realistic Paintings

The artist chooses to focus on everyday subjects to make his pictures even more interesting

Mr Campos' artistic foundations began in nightclubs - he started decorating bars and

 restaurants when he was younger, and also worked for advertising agencies as an illustrator.

He studied art restoration in Madrid, working on furnishings, paintings and sculpture.

But from 30 he finally began oil painting and developed a portfolio as a fine artist.

The clarity of his work is in high demand.

He is represented by the Plus One Gallery in Pimlico, Central London.

Amazing Hyper-Realistic Paintings

Beep beep: Even the faint reflections of the books are painted in the glossy surface

Amazing Hyper-Realistic Paintings

This could be a photograph of the real thing as Mr Campos even includes the reflection

 of the window frames

Amazing Hyper-Realistic Paintings

Work of art: The artist honed his skills studying art restoration, and now can produce 

these works that mimic life beautifully

Amazing Hyper-Realistic Paintings

Caught on canvas: This luscious-looking bag of fruit brings the subject alive with the

 astonishing realistic look

Amazing Hyper-Realistic Paintings



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