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all encompassing. Social well being can only be possible when all these criteria are met.

Concept of Disease according to Ayurveda

Ayurveda has a very profound insight in understanding the disease and its time of manifestation and

 the various approaches to treat the diseases.

This particular verse from the classical Ayurveda text beautifully describes it.

Janmaantara kritam paapam vyaadhi roopena bhaadate

Tat shantihi aushadhaihi, daanaihi, japa homa suaarchanaihi.

All diseases are rooted in the mind before manifesting. (mind has a longer shelf life than

 the physical body. The imprints of the mind gets carried forward to the next body.

 This is known as repeated births. According to Ayurveda the seeds of diseases are carried

 in the mind and they manifest at appropriate times during one's life. According to Vedic astrology,

 which is also in line with Ayurvedic principles, Planetary forces govern the expressions 

 of these imprints (KARMA) in the mind. This is where Ayurveda and Vedic astrology come together

 as interconnected Vedic sciences. A Vaidya in real sense must have the knowledge of both Ayurveda and Astrology

When such a disease is manifested, it should be treated with:

40 Life Tips From Those Who've Been There

These 40 life tips were collected from men and women 85 or older. Some have been through wars, others through depressions, sickness, and even concentration camps. They are a generation that was unlike any other, and we can all profit from their advice. Even those of us over 85 ourselves, because these days, it is never too late to get good advice.



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