Friday, September 20, 2013

Crazy Full Moon Facts


14 Crazy Full Moon Facts

#1 Dog Bites                                                                                                 According to a Bradford Royal Infirmary review, your chances of being bitten by a dog during the full moon are twice as high as during other moon phases.-

#2 Mayhem 

In England, more officers walk the beat during a full moon. That's because police stations report more crime on these nights than any other. -

#3 Violence

A UK study found that violent -acts among prisoners increased in the days leading up to and away from a full moon. 

#4 Lunatics

Philosophers like Aristotle claimed that the -full moon exacerbated mental illnesses. And from these lunar theories of mental illness came the term "lunatic". -

#5 Drink Up-

A German study found that people are more likely to binge drink when there is a full moon. -

#6- Honeymoons

The "honeymoon" gets its name from the full moon in June. Because this full moon fell right between harvesting and planting so it was -considered the best time to get married. 

#7 Hunting

One theory suggests that prehistoric men hunted according to the phases of the moon. Not because full moon nights are brighter but because they synchronized hunting time with their women's menstrual period and only came back from the hunt when sex was on the table again.-

#8 It Isn't Round-

Look closely at the full moon. It isn't round. It's actually egg shaped. The pointed end faces north. -

#9 Tree Sap

The pull of a full moon is so strong that it causes tree sap to rise inside the trees. In certain areas, full moon harvests are avoided because the increased sap flow attracts insects. -

#10 The Full Moon Party-

Once a month, a full moon party erupts on the beaches of beach at Koh Phangan in
Thailand where thousands of party goers dance until dawn. 

#11 Blue Moon-

The term "blue moon" has nothing to do with the moon's color. It's the term used for the second full moon in a month. 

#12 Februrary

It's the only month of the year that can occur without a full moon. -

#13 Luck of the Draw

A full moon is considered unlucky if it occurs on a Sunday and lucky if it occurs on Moon-day or Monday.-

#14 Babies

If you believe the old wives' tales, male children are more likely to be born during full moons. 

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