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the book 'A Better Brain At Any Age' by Sondra Kornblatt. The
thinking used to be that the size of the brain did not change after a
certain age. Now research findings indicate that there are ways to
improve your brain at any age, no matter how old you are, (even past
the age of 70)!

Summarizing, without going into lengthy details, stimulation helps
brain generate new brain cells. There are hundreds of tips in the
book, but I shall provide a few simple but proven ones for improving
the brain. The tips include foods, physical exercises, and doing
routine tasks in different ways, as well as adding new activities in
one's life. Meditation is a very good thing to do.
 The following
activities strengthen memory, increase creativity, and enhance overall
mental agility.
    1. Swing your arms when you walk.
    2. Enjoy a whiff of cinnamon
    3. Paint rooms in contrasting colors
    4. Eat avocado and saffron
    5. Join laughing club, listen to comedy records, see a comedy film
    6. Nod "yes" throughout the day
    7. Write with your non-dominant hand
    8. Improve your posture
    9. Remember to exhale
    10. Volunteer for a cause you believe in
    11. give away some of your stuff

Some of the interesting quotes are:
Slogan on a T-Shirt: "Lost in thought. (please send rescue party)."
"The brain has the storage capacity of 6 million years of the Wall
Street Journal."
"There are more connections in your brain than there are stars in the universe"
"At age seventy-five you have all the brain connections you did at twenty-five"


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